Population: 24,673 (inside), 3,846 (outside)
Ruler: Baroness Olivia Hausman
Religion: Var, Eostre, Eira, Freo, Tiw
Imports: Grain, livestock, salt, meat, vegetables
Exports: Clothing, pottery

Aslov lies at the edge of the Jagged Peaks and is the first settlement of note south of Hellfrost Pass. It is also a town entering its twilight years.

The city literally overflows with refugees fleeing their homes in the High Winterlands . Hundreds of desperate souls live outside in tents, surviving on charity and what is scavenged from the surrounding countryside. Tent Town, as it has been dubbed, is a dangerous place where one’s life is worth less than the scrap of bread he carries. The city’s gates close at night, but the city guard patrols the perimeter around the clock.

Aslov proper is divided into the High Quarter, which houses the rich and powerful, as well as the merchants’ warehouses, and the Old City, where most people make their homes.

The High Quarter remains uncrowded, as the rich and powerful will not allow refugees as neighbors. The same cannot be said of the Old City which teems with people. Recently the wealthy of Aslov have taken to traveling the Old City only with armed guards.

Disease, starvation and crime are increasingly constant problems. Murder rates have doubled. The shorting summers and influx of people have rendered the good farmland around Aslov virtually useless. Food riots have broken out several times, the last one quashed with lethal force to restore order to the town.


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