Hellfrost is a setting which encourages heroic acts and brave deeds similar to those in the old Norse sagas or medieval tales of Charlemagne and his paladins or Arthur and his knights. Players who work at running a heroic character, one who makes sacrifices to benefit others and risks life and limb so others do not have to, can earn Glory. As a hero becomes more glorious, he gains special bonuses.

Everything living eventually dies. Even the gods are fated to die one day in the final, climatic struggle between good and evil.

However, while a mortal’s flesh may rot off the bone, his name can live forever through his deeds. Skalds sing tales of heroes who perished long ago, keeping the memory of these figures as alive today as it was when they walked the earth.

Glory has nothing to do with social standing, wealth, or who one calls friend—it is a mark of a character’s reputation as a hero. A king may be well known across the lands, but that does not make him a hero, nor does it entitle him to become the focus of ballads or epic poems. Only through heroic deeds can a character aspire to enter the history books and oral myths of Rassilon.

Your hero’s Glory starts at zero, but can be affected by his or her actions during the course of the game. The higher your hero’s Glory, the more renowned he is across Rassilon and the more benefits he gains.

Gaining Glory

Glory is measured with Glory Points, in exactly the same way experience is measured with Experience Points. Characters can rise to become famous heroes or else they can slip into mediocrity.

After each adventure, and only when the heroes return to civilization, one of the party may begin telling the tale of their epic battles and heroic deeds. If theses deeds are heroic enough, and the storyteller persuasive enough, the populace will begin spreading word of the characters’ deeds and the heroes earn glory.

In addition to the warm reception heroes receive from the folk of Rassilon, gaining glory has some very tangible game benefits (see page 102 of The Hellfrost Player’s Guide).


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