The Gods

Rassilon has many gods and goddesses, though fewer than in ancient days. Far back in history, in a time before even the elves and dwarves were as children, the God War shook the very fabric of the universe. What started the war has been lost to the countless eons of time that have since passed, but legends and tales speak of a titanic struggle that ripped the stars from the heavens.

Unwilling to fight for survival purely with their own power, many gods of similar nature bonded together into gestalt entities of greater power. Thus where once there were gods of fire, hearths, and volcanoes, there is now only a single god of fire, for example, though the sun remains a separate aspect.

Following the God War, the deities created the Compact, a set of rules that would ensure no future war between the gods would occur. The basics of the Compact were extremely simple—no god or goddess could directly attack another god, and no deity could directly interfere with the mortal realm, aside from granting spells and small favors to mortals.

The dark gods quickly found a loophole, and extolled their followers to attack the mortal followers of the good gods. Although war in heaven has been avoided, the mortal realm has been a battleground between rival faiths.

Major Deities:
Dargar – Slaughter, senseless violence, massacres, cannibalism, orcs, goblins. Clergy: Hounds (Priests), Wolves (Paladins)
Eira – Healing, life, mercy, peace. Clergy: Merciful Sons (priests), Peacekeepers (Paladins)
Eostre – Animals, Plants, cycle of life, fertility, birth. Clergy: Sowers/Husbanders (Priests), Reapers (Paladins).
Ertha – Earth, Metal, gems, crafting, smithing, underground warfare, subterranean realms. Clergy: Forge Sons/Daughters (priests), Stonehands (Paladins).
Freo– Travel, Wanderlust, Wilderness. Clergy: Wheels (priests), Sandals (Paladins).
Hela – Death, Corruption, Decay, Darkness, Undead. Clergy: Death Lords/Ladies (Priests), Death Knights (Paladins)
Hoenir – Knowledge, Literacy, scribes, historians, revealing secrets. Clergy: Gray Sages (Priests), Seekers (Paladins).
Hothar – Justice, law, order, conformance, truth. Clergy: Scales of Justice (Priests), Swords of Truth (Paladins). 
Kenaz – Fire, hearths, volcanoes, flame. Clergy: Hearthkeepers (Priests), Ashen Blades (Paladins)
Maera – Magic, mystery, divination, occult matters. Clergy: Order of the Waxing Sickle (priests), Order of the Waning Sickle (Paladins).
Nuathiz – Thievery, chance, stealth, concealment. Clergy: Purveyors (priests), Tomb Raiders (Paladins)
Neorthe – Lakes, rivers, sea, sailors, water. Clergy: Navigators (Priests), Marines (Paladins)
Niht – Darkness, Assassins, secrets, secret murder. Clergy: Shadowlords (priests), Black Blades (Paladins).
The Norns – Fate, destiny, past, present, future. Clergy: Fatespeakers (priests), Hand of Destiny (Paladins).
Rigr – Vigilance, protection of settlements, warnings. Clergy: Eyes of the Vigilant (Priests), Watchmen (Paladins).
Scaetha – Death, final judgment, descruction of the undead. Clergy: Eulogists (priests), Divine Slayers (Paladins)
Sigel – Sun, light, purity, goodness. Clergy: Sun Priests (priests), Sun Knights (Paladins)
Thyrm – Cold, ice, winter, blizzard, icy realms Clergy: Breath of Winter (Priests), Talons of Winter (Paladins)
Thunor – Wind, Weather, sky, air, lightning. Clergy: Thuderson (Priests), Lightningson (paladins)
Tiw – Battle, courage, war, victory. Clergy: Shields (Priests), Swords (Paladins)
Ullr – Hunting, Archery, Trackers, prey animals. Clergy: Huntsmen (priests), Hounds of Ullr (Paladins). 
The Unknowable One – Tricks, taunts, insults, bards, storytellers. Clergy: Jokers (Priests), Mirthful Blades (Paladins). 
Vali – Corruption, vermin, disease, famine, vice, overindulgence, treachery, vengeance. Clergy: Plaguebearers/Corruptors (priests), Unseen Hand (Paladins)
Var – Merchants, trade, negotiations, contracts, coinage, wealth. Clergy: Profiteers (Priests), Thieftakers (Paladins).

Minor Deities – There are a myriad of minor deities who have dominion over a very specific aspect of life (cattle-stealing, coinage, sunrise, a specific mountain, etc).

Racial Gods
While the Gods of Rassilon are worshiped throughout the world by various and diverse cultures, there are some that are typically worshiped more than others by certain races.
Anari: Hoenir, Maera (esp. The Magocracy), Tiw, Var
Saxa: Eostre, Hothar, Kenaz, Noerthe (coastlands), the Norns, Thunor, Tiw, Ullr
Finnar: Freo, Kenaz, Rigr, Sigel, Thyrm (appeasement only), Ullr
Tuomi: Eostre, Hothar, Kenaz, Noerthe (coastlands), Thunor, Tiw
Hearth Elves: Eira, Eostre, Hoenir, Maera, Sigel, Ullr
Taiga Elves: Eostra, Maera, Sigel, Tiw, Ullr
Frost Dwarves: Ertha, Kenaz, Tiw
Engro: Freo, Nauthiz, the Norns, Unknowable One
Frostborn: By main race, plus Thyrm
Giants: Kenaz (fire giants), Eostre and Ullr (Forest giants), Thyrm (Frost Giants), Ertha (Cliff Giants)
Orcs/Goblins: Dargar, Niht, Thyrm, Vali

Alien Gods
While most monster races worship the greater gods, some worship gods rarely worshiped by sane mortals. Ancient and alien, these gods represent inhuman qualities and horrifying concepts. Only a madman would serve one willingly.

The Gods

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