Weregild, or “man gold,” is a fixed monetary value attached to the life of a man or woman based on their social status. Although a Saxa invention, all the civilized races have adopted it as an easy means of settling disputes.

Every man and woman of the civilized races have a monetary value attached to them based on their social status. Commoners may have more useful skills than a noble, but nobles receive a higher price because of their burden of responsibility and the chaos injuring or killing a noble can cause for an entire realm.

Weregild is payable only for physical injuries, and not against opponents in officially sanctioned wars. Attacking a man in times of peace is a crime. Killing an enemy in times of war is an act of survival. Weregild also does not apply to bandits, outlaws, and other criminals.

Weregild fines can only be imposed by the courts or nobles of the land, and thus a case must be presented to them. Once a judgment is made, however, it becomes the guilty party’s responsibility to pay within one month (32 days) or face further legal action, such as confiscation of property or being ordered to work off the debt as a thrall (an indentured servant). The nobility and priesthood of Hothar are quick to enforce payment in order to avoid blood feuds.

“In Game Terms”

The table below is the price for a man’s life. The full price is paid for killing someone, whether Wild Card or Extra. Eighty percent is payable for Incapacitating a Wild Card victim, 60% for inflicting three wounds, 40% for two, and just 20% for one wound. A mere 10% is payable for a fight involving non–lethal damage, such as a fistfight, or if the victim was only Shaken. Incapacitated Extras who recover to become walking wounded are entitled to 40% in compensation.

Social StatusWeregild (gs)
Commoner 50
Crafter or merchant 500
Warrior 1,000
Cleric or mage 2,000
Knight or banneret 4,000
Baron 8,000
Count 32,000
Duke 64,000
Prince 125,000
King 250,000

Cleric or Mage: This varies considerably by type and realm. A heahwisard is always treated according to his noble rank, for instance, even outside the Magocracy. A hrimwisard in the Hearthlands may receive no compensation because he is considered “evil” by the local court. A cleric of any evil god is very unlikely to ever try and claim weregild in the civilized lands, and in most realms, such a claim would be automatically rejected and the cleric arrested.

Crafter: Any hero with a Knowledge (Craft) skill at a d6 or higher qualifi es for this social position by default of his trade.

Warrior: Any hero with Fighting, Shooting, or Throwing at d8+ falls into this category.


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