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  • Area of Effect Spells


    Without exact placement of pogs or miniatures it’s tricky to know how many foes might be caught by an area …

  • Starting Edge


    While heroes often rise up from common folks, they certainly are not ordinary. To reflect this every character, …

  • Journal Reward

    Any player who writes a journal entry for the previous adventure will earn 1 Journal Award. Journal points may be spent in the following ways:

  • Background Edges

    *Arcane Background*

    See Magic on page 49 and Religion on page 59 of The Hellfrost Player's Guide for more details on the types of spellcasters available. Note that some Arcane Backgrounds have other requirements.

    Characters who take the Arcane …

  • Combat Edges

    *Blood and Guts*

    *Requirements*: Veteran, Fighting, Shooting, or Throwing d10+

    The character has seen his share of battle and bathed in the blood of slain foes. He has faced overwhelming odds and lived to tell the tale.

    The hero halves …

  • Disciple Edges

    Priests and paladins of the various faiths each have access to a unique Edge, which signifies a blessing from their deity. Should a hero commit a sin and lose access to his miracles, he also loses the benefits of the Edge until he atones. Unless …

  • Leadership Edges

    Several of these new Edges are designed for use in Mass Battles. Characters with these Edges can be expected to serve as generals, not junior officers. An army can only benefit from one Edge of the same name.

    *A Few Good Men*

    *Requirements …

  • Legendary Edges


    This Edge remains unchanged from the _Savage Worlds_ rules, but requires some clarification for this setting.

    In any setting where there is combat, the obvious choice is to take a group of warriors. After all, this gives extra …

  • Power Edges


    *Requirements*: Seasoned, Arcane Background (Any), arcane skill d6+, Knowledge (Alchemy) d6+

    Despite its name, alchemy is not just the creation of potions—it also covers scrolls, one-shot wands, horns, amulets, and other temporary …

  • Professional Edges

    Characters who take a Professional Edge marked “*” during character generation automatically gain the Connections Edge with respect to the specific organization to which they belong. This represents access to the organization’s infrastructure, as well …

  • Social Edges

    *Master Storyteller*

    *Requirements*: Seasoned, Smarts d8+, Knowledge (Folklore) d8+, Persuasion d8+

    Tales of brave heroes and epic battles are told across Rassilon in taverns and around hearths and campfires. Most master storytellers are …

  • Wild Card Edges

    *Power Surge*

    *Requirements*: Wild Card, Seasoned, Arcane Background (Any), arcane skill d10+

    The character doubles his total damage when making a successful arcane skill attack this round. This Edge replaces the standard Power Surge Edge.

  • Hellfrost Hindrances

    *Apprentice/Novitiate (Minor/Major)*

    A hero must have an Arcane Background Edge to take this Hindrance.

    The character is an apprentice mage or novitiate cleric, and has not completed his training. Exactly why he has set out into the world …

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