Hellfrost Hindrances

Apprentice/Novitiate (Minor/Major)

A hero must have an Arcane Background Edge to take this Hindrance.

The character is an apprentice mage or novitiate cleric, and has not completed his training. Exactly why he has set out into the world before becoming a full mage is left to the player to devise. Examples include the hero’s mentor dying, the hero believing he is ready to face the dangers of the world, or the hero running away because of his mentor’s cruelty.

With the Minor version, the hero cannot start play with an arcane skill higher than a d6. A character with the Major version also has one less starting power than normal for his Arcane Background. Rune mages still begin with one rune, but have an arcane skill limit of d4.

Black Sheep (Minor)

Only heroes from the Magocracy can take this Hindrance.

The hero is a noble of the Magocracy, but one who has rejected heahwisardry. This led to him being cut off by his family and ostracized by the magocratic nobility in general.

The character can never inherit land or titles in the domain, nor is he ever welcomed at his ancestral home. Should his deeds ever threaten his family name, his relatives will take whatever steps are required to protect the family’s reputation. A disgrace to his family, the hero suffers a –2 penalty to Charisma when dealing with heahwisards (including his kin).

The character cannot take the Arcane Background (Heahwisardry), Noble, or Rich Edges during character generation. The hero can learn other arcane backgrounds.

Cold Blooded (Minor)

When the temperature drops close to freezing, the hero grabs his furs and heads for the nearest hearth. He has –2 to Vigor rolls to resist the effects of cold weather.

God Cursed (Major)

Your past actions have offended one of the gods.

Pick one deity from Chapter 5 (Religion). Any beneficial spells cast upon you by the god’s clerics, automatically fail. Harmful spells cast by the god’s priests do an extra+2 damage. Opposed spells cast by the priest gain a + 2 bonus to affect you. Arcane Resistance offers no defense against powers invoked by the chosen deity’s followers.

This Hindrance can, at the GM’s discretion, be removed after a suitably lengthy and arduous quest to appease the offended deity.


The hero has no ties to the magical energies of the world, though he is still susceptible to them. He cannot detect legendary relics by touching them, nor can he ever spend a benny to use these items (see
page 58 The Hellfrost Player’s Guide). Likewise, he cannot drink a potion (it has no effect and is wasted), read a scroll (the magic simply fails to function), and such like. Herbalist brews function as normal as these aren’t truly magical. The hero cannot take any Arcane Background (Magic) Edge, either.

Necromantic Weakness (Minor/Major)

For some reason, the character is highly susceptible to attacks from the undead.

With the Minor version of this Hindrance, the hero has –2 to trait rolls to resist an undead creature’s supernatural special attacks, like a banshee’s wail, a liche’s death touch, an ice mummy’s frigid touch, and so on.

With the Major version, the penalty rises to –4. It has no affect when Soaking damage from mundane or natural weapons used by undead, but does apply against special weapons, like a black knight’s unholy sword. Fear is not considered an attack.

Orders (Minor)

While the character may have his own plans, he ultimately serves another power and is expected to follow orders when they are issued. A hero with this Hindrance may be an agent for a noble, a soldier in the Iron Guild, or a mercenary under contract, for instance.


Hellfrost Hindrances

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