Background Edges

Arcane Background

See Magic on page 49 and Religion on page 59 of The Hellfrost Player’s Guide for more details on the types of spellcasters available. Note that some Arcane Backgrounds have other requirements.

Characters who take the Arcane Background (Miracles) Edge automatically gain the Connections Edge with respect to the specific faith to which they belong. This represents access to the faith’s infrastructure, as well as friends and colleagues. This does not count toward starting Edge limits.

In return, the hero also gains the Orders Hindrance with regard to the faith. This does not count toward his starting Hindrance limits, nor does he earn any points during or after character generation for it.


Requirements: Novice, must be Rich or have the Lorekeeper Edge, cannot be Illiterate

This Edge may only be taken with the GM’s permission.

The hero has one or more tomes of lore (see p 37 of The Hellfrost Player’s Guide). The hero has a number of bonus points to spread between his books equal to his half his Smarts die. He may apply the bonuses to a single book, to maximum of + 3 for any individual tome, or spread it among multiple tomes as he wishes. Each tome must apply to a different skill.

Tomes should have unique names. “The Art of War” and “Military Tactics of the Anari Empire” are suitable names for tomes granting a bonus to Knowledge (Battle), for instance.


Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, cannot be Illiterate

The hero is either highly educated or belongs to a scholarly organization such as the Lorekeepers or Reliquary. He knows his Smarts die languages during character generation (so a hero with d10 Smarts knows 10 languages).


Requirements: Novice

The basics of this Edge are unchanged from the main rules.

Typically, a character with this Edge has the lowest noble title (his father being one or two steps higher up the social ladder) and rules a small village or hamlet. Only with the GM’s permission may the character begin at a higher social status (see the sidebar on p 16 of The Hellfrost Player’s Guide for more details).

Further social promotions require family members to move aside (or die) to allow the character to assume a new title, and this should be worked into the campaign.

Characters from the Magocracy who want to take this Edge must also take the Arcane Background (Heahwisardry) Edge. Heahwisards use the prefix Mage- in front of Anari social titles (Mage-Knight, Mage-Baron, and so on).

Old Family

Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Heahwisardry)

The character comes from an old and infl uential family. in the Magocracy, and the hero has been tutored in magic since he was old enough to talk.

He has + 2 to Knowledge (Arcana) rolls due to extensive tutoring in his youth and begins the game as a Mage-Baron.

Rich and Very Rich

Both of these Edges are available, but with changes. A Rich character begins the game with three times his usual starting money. Taxes, farm income, or a small business earns the noble 5,000 gold scields a year, after all standard bills, taxes, and tithes have been paid.

A Very Rich hero starts with five times his usual starting money, and has a regular income of 15,000 gold scields a year.

In both cases, the player must describe how this income is generated. The GM may always refuse to allow these Edges to be taken, or reduce the income from them, if the player cannot describe a realistic situation and cannot benefit it from it while he is battling orcs and frost giants hundreds of miles from home..

For instance, a noble may generate wealth through his lands, leaving a steward in charge while he adventures. A master weaponsmith may well be able to earn a vast fortune, but how does he find time to produce enough goods if he is constantly adventuring?


Requirements: Novice, Boating d8+

The character owns a ship. More specifically, he owns a smabyrding (p. 39 Hellfrost Player’s Guide) but with no ice rig.

The Edge does not grant him any crew, however. Sailors can be hired from most coastal settlements at the cost of 20 gs per month per sailor. A Noble hero may take the followers bestowed on him by that Edge as sailors.

Warm Blooded

Requirements: Novice, Engro, Hearth Elf, or Human, Vigor d8+

The hero doesn’t have ice in his veins, but he is at home in the cold. He has +2 to Vigor rolls to resist the effects of cold weather.


Background Edges

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