Combat Edges

Blood and Guts

Requirements: Veteran, Fighting, Shooting, or Throwing d10+

The character has seen his share of battle and bathed in the blood of slain foes. He has faced overwhelming odds and lived to tell the tale.

The hero halves the difference between tokens when making an attack roll in a Mass Battle if it is negative (round down).


Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8

Against fearsome foes, a hero who can control his fear stands a better chance of survival than one who succumbs to panic. This hero has the courage to hold his ground, and chose when it is time to flee.

The hero adds + 2 to all Spirit rolls and subtracts 2 from rolls on the Fright Table.

Double Shot

Requirements: Seasoned, Hearth or Taiga Elf, Shooting d8+

Double Shot allows an archer to fire two arrows in his bow at once, firing both at the same target at a –2 modifier to the archer’s Shooting dice. The target must be within Short range. If the attack is successful, both arrows hit, causing normal damage.

Double shot does not work with crossbows or other ranged weapons—only with bows and arrows.

Improved Double Shot

Requirements: Heroic, Double Shot

The archer may attack as above, but ignores the –2 penalty.

Favored Foe

Requirements: Seasoned, Smarts d8+, Fighting, Shooting, or Throwing d8+

The hero has a grudge against a specific race or type of creature, and has devoted time to learning how to best such creatures in combat.

When this Edge is taken, the hero must pick one type of creature, such as orcs, dragons, giants, elementals, fey, undead, or demons. He has + 1 Parry against his favored foe, having learned how best to engage them in combat. He also rolls a d8 instead of a d6 if he scores a raise on an attack roll against them.

This Edge may be taken more than once, but the hero must choose a new foe each time he takes this Edge.

Improved Giant Killer

Requirements: Heroic, Giant Killer

Instead of gaining + 1d6 damage on an attack roll against creatures three sizes or more larger, the character may choose to ignore their Armor or Size.

This Edge does not work with area effect attacks.

Mighty Shot

Requirements: Veteran, Strength d8+, Shooting d10+

The hero has learned how to use his full strength with a bow. The character calculates damage with his bow as Str+d6, instead of a fl at 2d6.

Mighty shot does not work with crossbows or other ranged weapons—only with bows and long bows.

Mighty Throw

Requirements: Veteran, Strength d8+, Throwing d10+

The hero has learned special throwing techniques. He increases the range brackets of thrown weapons by 1/2/4. He also treats his Strength as being one die type higher (max d12+2) when using thrown weapons at targets within short range.

Necromantic Severing

Requirements: Veteran, Spirit d8+, Fighting d10+

Through training and confrontation, the hero has learned how to penetrate the necromantic energy fields surrounding undead and sever their ties to the magic binding them.

The hero may make Called Shots against creatures with the Undead monstrous ability as if they were regular creatures.

Over Sized Weapon Master

Requirements: Veteran, Strength d10+, Fighting d10+, Size + 0 or greater

The character may use two-handed melee weapons with one hand. He may only use one such weapon at a time, even if he has the Ambidextrous or Two-Fisted Edges, though he may use an oversize weapon in this manner and wield a standard one-handed weapon simultaneously.


Requirements: Seasoned, Engro, Agility d8+

Engro are small and quick. Some make great use of this in combat too, scampering about to avoid the furious blows of their larger opponents.

Opponents of man-size or larger subtract 1 from attack rolls against engros with this Edge. The benefit only applies when the character is aware the attack is coming, is unbound and able to move freely, and has no encumbrance penalty.

Shield Wall

Requirements: Seasoned, Block, medium or large shield

This Edge allows a hero to defend a comrade so long as the hero is using a medium or large shield. Attacks against one character adjacent to the hero suffer modifiers based on the hero’s shield type. If there are multiple heroes with this Edge adjacent to a character or the target has his own shield, only the best modifier applies. A hero adjacent to multiple allies must declare which one he is protecting at the start of his turn.

The hero also keeps his shield modifier if he is attacked.

Snow Walker

Requirements: Novice, Agility d6+

The hero has learned to move easily over the worst snows and ice. In snow, every inch of movement counts as 1.5” instead of 2”. He treats rough ice as normal terrain and smooth ice as rough ice.

When using Overland Pace (see page 122 Hellfrost Player’s Guide), the hero treats snowy ground as standard terrain with no path.

Improved Snow Walker

Requirements: Seasoned, Snow Walker

The hero treats snow and smooth ice as normal ground. When using Overland Pace (see page 122 Hellfrost Player’s Guide), the hero treats snowy ground as average terrain.


Requirements: Seasoned, Frost Dwarf, Strength d8+

Any hand or ranged weapon in the hands of a character with this Edge ignores 1 point of armor (in addition to any AP the weapon has).

This Edge applies against all forms of armor, whether natural or crafted.

Improved Sunder

Requirements: Veteran, Sunder

As above, except the character ignores 2 points of armor.

Wall of Steel

Requirements: Veteran, Agility d8+, Fighting d8+, Notice d8+

The character has the perception, skill, and agility to handle multiple foes. Opponents gain no Gang Up bonus against the hero.

War Cry

Requirements: Seasoned, Frost Dwarf or Saxa, Intimidation d8+

Dwarves and Saxa can bellow an ear-splitting, nerve-wracking war cry that has been known to send lesser foes fleeing from the field.

When used, the character may make an Intimidation roll against all targets in an area (as opposed to a single victim as usual). Place the edge of a Large Burst Template adjacent to the character. Every creature, friend and foe, within the circle must roll against the hero’s Intimidation total.


Combat Edges

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