Hearth Elf

In the beginning, far back in the history of Rassilon, when humans and engro had yet to walk the earth and when the dwarves were found only in the far north, the elven race consisted only of hearth elves. The race lived in the warm forests of the world, acting as gardeners, caretakers, and guardians over the leafy realms.

Here they built great Elfhomes among the forests, building solely of wood both on the ground and high in the trees. At the core of every Elfhome is a temple to Eostre, the goddess of nature and patron to all elves.

The elves consider themselves the gods’ first creation, though the dwarves argue this point. They chose to follow the teachings of the gods of good and set themselves up as their gardeners and the defenders of the wild lands, making their homes in the great forests of the world.

Since the Blizzard War and the expansion of the Hellfrost, many of their ancestral realms now lie far to the north. In days of yore, the Elfhomes were far from humans, whom elves consider to be unruly and annoying children.

Nowadays, the elves have been forced to move into forests not only bordering, but inside human lands. Unfortunately, humans treat any loss of their remaining land as a serious matter, and human-elf relations are tense in many realms.

Fortunately for the elves, their druids and skilled archers have kept their homes safe. As the snow continues its relentless creep, however, elves are likely to fi nd themselves pushed out of the remaining forests by both the ice and the humans.

Elves can live upwards of 500 years, though few elves over 400 years now remain. They are slightly taller than humans, but more lithe. They have blond or light brown hair and pale green or brown eyes.

Names: Elves do not distinguish between genders when it comes to names. Examples include Ailinnil, Elleneirlir, Lilime, Melasion, Niellan, and Sinrilli.
Elven surnames, when used, are often associated with natural events, such as Boughrunner, Leafrustle, Morningmist, Sharpwhistle, and so on.


  • Agile: Hearth elves are graceful and agile. They start with a d6 in Agility instead of a d4. Through advances and Edges, they can have a maximum Agility of d12+3.
  • All Thumbs: Hearth elves have an inbred dislike of mechanical objects (including crossbows). They have the All Thumbs Hindrance.
  • Forest Born: Hearth elves suffer no penalties for Difficult Ground in forests. When using the Overland Pace system, they treat such terrain as one category lower.
  • Low Light Vision: Hearth elves have cat-like eyes and so can ignore lighting penalties for all but Pitch Darkness.
  • Natural Realms: Hearth elves who become druids treat Elfhomes as wilds, not urban areas.

Hearth Elf

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