Hellfrost Edges and Hindrances

The following new Edges and Hindrances are available in Hellfrost. Where Edges or Hindrances are duplicated from the core rules, those presented below take precedent. Hellfrost.


Forbidden Edges: Ace, Arcane Background (Psionics, Superpowers, or Weird Science), Power Points, Rapid Recharge, Wizard, Soul Drain, and any Edges which list these as a requirement.

Altered Edges: Noble, Power Surge, Rich and Very Rich (see below). Holy Warrior undergoes a few changes and can only be chosen by priests. Champion is only available to paladins (see pp 58-78 in The Hellfrost Player’s Guide for more details on these two holy archetypes).

Background Edges

Combat Edges

Disciple Edges

Leadership Edges

Legendary Edges

Power Edges

Professional Edges

Social Edges

Wild Card Edges


Hellfrost Hindrances

Hellfrost Edges and Hindrances

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